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How Street Art Chat #streetartchat Works

Hosted by @RoarLoud and @street_art_chat the Twitter #streetartchat is held the last Monday of each month. The five questions for each 30 minute chat can be found on this page the day of the chat and will be tweeted out during the chat.

To join the conversation simply use the hashtag #streetartchat and share your answers, photos, and comments. These will then appear in the chat stream.

Each of our five questions will be tweeted out with the prefix: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 & Q5. To answer simply begin your tweet with A1, A2, A3… etc.  Please include the hashtag #streetartchat.  If you can’t be live and you are scheduling your answers, please schedule them for 1 to 2 minutes after the time of the question.


Q1 Who is your favorite street artist? #streetartchat

A1 Rone from Australia or Roa from Belgium #streetartchat


  • Tweets with photos or GIFs get retweeted more!
  • We won’t see your tweets if you don’t use the #streetartchat in your tweet
  • Tag other people in your tweets to invite them to the chat. (the more the merrier)
  • Buffer or HootSuite are great apps for scheduling your answers
  • Don’t be shy to ask any question.  This is a fun, welcoming group!

9/25   Chat- theme – COLOR

Questions for 9/25 7 PM EDT

7:00 PM  Say hi and where in the world you are tonight #StreetArtChat

7:05 PM  Q1 Share the most colorful street art you have seen #StreetArtChat

7:10 PM  Q2 Do you like realistic colors or artistic use of color in street art? Share a pic

7:15 PM  Q3 Art doesn’t need color always- share a black and white or color free piece of art you found

7:20 PM  Q4 Share a piece of art that the color creates a mood

7:25 PM  Q5 What colors are you drawn to in street art? Share a photo


8/28 Chat – theme- LOVE

Questions for 8/28 7 PM EDT

7:00 PM   Say hi and where you are joining us from #StreetArtChat #travel

7:05 PM  Q1 Share a photo of street art that you LOVE #StreetArtChat

7:10 PM  Q2 Share a pic of street art that shows LOVE/acceptance.. #StreetArtChat

7:15 PM Q3 What place do you LOVE the street art, share a photo #StreetArtChat

7:20 PM Q4 If you were a street artist what would you LOVE to paint? Share a GIF or photo #StreetArtChat

7:25 PM Q5 Why do you LOVE street art, share a photo #StreetArtChat


Questions for 7/31 8 PM EDT          

                          Chat recap here!

8:00 PM   Say hi and where you are joining us from #StreetArtChat #travel

8:05 PM   Q1 Share a pic of your favorite street art and where it is #StreetArtChat #travel

8:10 PM   Q2 Where is your favorite place in the world for street art? Photo please #StreetArtChat #travel

8:15 PM   Q3 Share the most inspirational or moving piece of street art you have seen #StreetArtChat #travel

8:20 PM   Q4 Do you have a favorite street artist? If not share any street art pic you like #StreetArtChat #travel

8:25 PM   Q5 Why do you love street art? Share a photo #StreetArtChat  #travel

Do you have any questions?  Contact us here.