The Best Travel Hack You’ll Ever Use

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

Travel lessons come in many different ways and are often unexpected. At TBEX Samantha Brown world traveler and tv host, who you have seen on Travel Channel, shared her travel tips with us.  There was a tip that resonated the most with me that I try to do every trip is actually quite simple and best of all can be free, yes you heard that right- free!  Simply leave your hotel and take a walk.  Don’t have the walk planned out too much, take some turns, explore side streets, and let curiosity be your guide. Unlike being in a car, you see more when the pace is slowed to a walk.  We had a couple hours before our flight home from Huntsville, Alabama when we took a walk.  It seems really simple but see why it is the best travel hack you’ll ever use!

It was Sunday morning, our last day in Huntsville.  With only a few hours before our airport shuttle, there was not enough time to really enjoy some of the places we would have to drive to.  Sure we could make it to the Botanical Garden, but we would feel rushed and that is not the experience we wanted for such a beautiful place.  Instead, off we went for a walk following the canal from the hotel to the park.  With our only goal to find lunch, the random surprises we found along the way were the real treat!

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

Good weather and the weekend brought out many people to enjoy the parks and canal.  Families were feeding the fish and ducks, dogs were taking their owners out for a walk, and others were taking in the views.  Waterfalls, bridges and fountains attracted young and old to stroll by the canal.  Despite the amazing diversity of the people, the love of the waterway was enjoyed by all.

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

A couple of machines sold fish food, watch for the big groups of fish- the feeders are nearby.  The ducks were interested too and made sure they were close by.  Keep your eye out from the end of April and into May for baby ducks, they were absolutely adorable!

The canal ended at a tall stone wall with a fountain. It was the perfect spot to sit and watch the coy fish and ducks swim past for hours.  We were exploring, so we ventured up the stairs that led to 2 pergolas and a skate boarder practicing tricks.  At home we might have walked past the skate boarder, but today we stopped, watched, and even filmed him.  In slow motion his moves looked expert level.  A spiral staircase under a pergola put us on the path to restaurants and stores.  Heading to the promise of lunch we spied one of Huntsville’s hidden ducks. Huntsville has 14 of these cute little ducks hidden in the city, find them all to collect a prize at the visitor center!

Our lunch choice was easy when we checked out the menu at Sam and Greg’s.  Spiked milkshakes was not a treat we could pass up! Many people were enjoying the weather at the outside seating.  We dined inside at the old fashioned ice cream shoppe themed tables.  Great sandwiches and a perfect adult milkshake hit the spot.   The gelato was an added bonus!

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

I’m on a mission every trip to find street art.  We managed to stumble upon three pieces on the trip so far, but I hoped for more.  We had only 20 minutes until we had to be at the hotel.  Frank was anxious to head back, but I really longed for just one more treasure in Huntsville.  We turned a corner and found a great coffee shop.  Quickly snapping a photo, we kept going.

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

The sound of blues guitar music led me across the street.  In an alley, a man was playing for those dining at a restaurant patio.  We headed down the alley for a closer look, and I celebrated that there on the wall of the alley was street art!  Huntsville delivered one last treasure for me moments before I left!

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

See more street art we have found on our travels

We plan some of our activities on trips but these surprise treasures are the moments I appreciate most when traveling.  We encourage you to take an hour or two to get lost, make wrong turns, and take a walk wherever you go.  You will learn about the people, community, and area.  It might just be the best part of your trip!

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use
Jump right in and take a walk!

A special thank you to Samantha Brown for the reminder to slow down and take a walk!

We appreciate every share!

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use
The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use
The Best Travel Hack You'll Ever Use

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20 Comment

  1. Swati says: Reply

    Totally agree with Samantha. You learn so much more when you just walk and explore the place.

  2. This is a great idea. I still find neat stuff when I walk near my home!

    1. Same for me! There is always something new to find if you are looking. How are you doing Karen?

  3. Nicole says: Reply

    So how did you like TBEX? Was it your first one? I’ve been to three now. I liked it ok but enjoyed Wanderful Women in travel so much mor

    1. I loved meeting so many bloggers in person. We learned a lot in the seminars. It was great to go with Frank too:) I’ll have to look into Wanderful Women too!

  4. Wonderful Cathy! Glad you enjoyed. It would be cool if you went to Wanderful as I hope to go and would love to meet you! I liked it because it is very small, intimate and approachable.

  5. I love street art and I try to enjoy it more when travelling. Awesome post!

    1. Thank you! Happy travels!

  6. Street art is amazing. I really think it makes our streets and cities more beautiful.

    1. I agree, I love learning about an area through their art!

    2. I agree! Where do you love the street art?

  7. Wow, you found some amazing murals! And who doesn’t love adult milkshakes!! 🙂 I’ll have to stop by Sam & Greg’s the next time I make it to Huntsville.

    1. Thanks, adult milkshakes are a must!!

  8. Such a simple tip but so useful! You can find amazing things just wandering around 🙂

    1. Absolutely! It is always a surprise what we find too!

  9. This is definitely a great tip! We’re planning on taking our time when we start our long-term travels. Getting to know places better and going off the beaten track. Rather than just going to all the famous landmarks. We’re a little bit nervous about getting lost in places we’ve never been to before though!

    1. We make sure the area is safe and we have the address of our hotel, we get lost often. It is fun but can be stressful if you get too lost. We use Google maps and pack a map of the area but try to wander and not look at it much. Start small and explore a block from a landmark at a time. Locals have been great about helping us find our way when we get lost too:)

  10. I love this tip. I often travel with my dog so it forces me out to take walks. But I really think the best way to see a city by foot and it’s so cool what you might find.

    1. Your dog taught the tip to you 🙂 I’m glad we figured it out and now make sure we take a walk every trip.

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