How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience

When traveling, a bed & breakfast place can make or break your entire vacation. It really doesn’t matter where you go or what you are doing on vacation. If your bed and breakfast is a welcoming, relaxing and pampering experience it will make your trip incredible.  Think about it, no matter what you do throughout the day, it all begins and ends in a place you stay. We at RoarLoud are all about sharing great experiences when traveling, so here is our guide for having the perfect bed and breakfast experience.

What Makes You Happy

The first step in your perfect bed & breakfast experience is deciding what you really want in your getaway.  Set your priorities (location, amenities, cost).  If you are planning on going shopping a lot, you probably don’t want to be staying hours away from the nearest shop.  We love hiking and mountains, so when we went to the French Pyrenees, we could practically hike from our doorstep.  Cathy would love that I am saying this, but make a list of things your bed & breakfast must have and be sure to get a place that meets those needs.  Also, it is too easy to be swayed be cost.  Bed & breakfast places are only a good value when they have what will make you happy at a price you can afford.

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
From our B&B you can see a waterfall. A great bonus to have beauty so close.

Besides waterfalls and mountains views see why the French Pyrenees are a must see!

Don’t Take Chances

Despite how wonderful things turn out in the movies & TV when people decide to just romp away to a bed & breakfast, spur of the moment decisions without a plan is taking a huge chance.  Vacations are precious and costly.  Save your spontaneity for scenic drives, and instead do your homework.  Go to websites for perspective spots, see pictures, read reviews.  Getting back to the cost thing again, a bed & breakfast is a business.  Good business people will do their own research and keep their prices competitive.  If you see a price that is way below similar places in the area, there probably is a reason.  Find out why.

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
I love finding cats on our trips!

Hear It First Hand

When you have a few places in mind, don’t be afraid to call the bed & breakfast and ask any question you need to be answered.  First off, it is a great way to get a lot more information about the place and surrounding area than you can get any other way.  Also, bed & breakfast places generally are mom & pop operations.  There is a good chance the owner will be the person answering the phone, and they will probably be a wealth of information.

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
Being on quiet side streets outside of town was perfect for us!

Our Own Story

I mentioned earlier about staying at a bed & breakfast in the French Pyrenees.  We stayed at a beautiful little place in Luchon, France called Le Poujastou.  For us it was perfect.  We had the benefit of skipping over the research and letting an expert find the best place for us, Penny from Adventure Creators lives in the French Pyrenees and knows how to tailor a trip based on your personal style and preferences.

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
Penny knew we would want to be near outdoor activities like hiking and skiing!
How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
We were also very close to town which was great for dining and shopping.

We arrived late in the evening and the owner rushed out to greet us and within minutes had an amazing meal for us.  After many, many hours of flying and questionable airline food, it was very appreciated.  Our room was comfy and a welcomed site after a long travel.  Besides being a beautiful location, it was in just the right spot.  It had amazing views out every window of the gorgeous mountains surrounding us.  Whether we were hiking, skiing, shopping, or enjoying the nightlife, we were never more than 30 minutes away.

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
Meals made with local ingredients from scratch were well appreciated by us!

When views from your bed are this good it is hard to leave the room!

For travelers like us a bed & breakfast can offer a very personal homey feel you can’t get from a chain hotel. We love learning about the local culture and customs, a bed and breakfast is a great way to live like a local.   Our last night in Luchon, we met a few families in the bed & breakfast celebrating one of the husbands birthdays.  They invited us to dine with them, and the whole evening was a wonderful family atmosphere with incredible food, wine, and conversations.  We had such a great time, we had our own European-style family dinner with our own family when we got home.  It was a big success and a lot of fun for everyone.

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
Being welcomed by these families was such a special way to end our trip. Thank you – especially our friend Sarah at the end of the table!

When you are so impressed with a vacation that you try to bring it home, you know you have had the perfect travel experience.  Here’s hoping you find your own perfect experience.  Share your own experiences where you found just the right place to stay, play or dine.  We love hearing about the adventures to be had.

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
This cat made me laugh everyday we saw him.

All the activities we did on our trip and more can be booked as part of the multi-activity holiday with The Adventure Creators! Thank you to The Adventure Creators and Tourisme Haute- Garonne for inviting us to the Pyrenees, we were happy to be guests.  As always our opinions are honest and our own. 

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How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience

How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience
How To Have The Perfect Bed And Breakfast Experience

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  1. I love a good Bed & Breakfast! And you’re right they’re all not created equal. I always make sure to research the place to make sure it fits my needs and style. And if I find one with a grumpy cat around, I’m sold!

  2. Hi Frank,
    I dig the emphasis on doing your homework. May seem nice to wander and find a B and B that way but it is better to research beforehand to find the right match. My wife does this with any place we rent. Gotta get clear on what it offers so we feel comfortable choosing it.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Ryan, the exploring is fun once we find a great BnB:)

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