Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France

We at RoarLoud love to travel.  Being able to visit other countries can be an exciting journey that can expose you to wonderful exotic cultures, traditions, and experiences.  Some of the most rewarding parts of travel for us is being able to shine a spotlight on a destination that people may not have heard of or considered visiting.  Take France for example.  For many people who think of France, it begins and ends Paris.  For adventure travelers like us, you may not even consider France at all when you think of adventure.  Well, this blog hopefully will change your preconceived notions of France, and explain why you should visit the Pyrenees in France.

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France

The Whats and Wheres

For starters, the Pyrenees are a magnificent mountain range in the southwest of France that form a natural border between Spain in France.  These mountains span over 300 miles and reach heights over 11,000 ft.  They are a boundless source of year round outdoor activities for any thrill-seeking level adventurer.  We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast called Le Poujastou in the heart of the Pyrenees.  The town is called Luchon and is the perfect location to do just about anything in the Pyrenees.  Every destination we visited was less than an hour away…including Spain!!!  Being able to visit multiple countries in a single trip is always a bonus for us.

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France
The view from our room was incredible!

Europe isn’t Scary

I know many people (myself included) that aren’t comfortable traveling to countries where they don’t speak the language. Never fear when you travel to the Pyrenees.  The amazing skiing, diverse activities, and numerous restaurants attract people from many destinations.  The people are very friendly, welcoming, warm, and most speak at least some English.  We were able to travel to many destinations, got around pretty easily without any trouble.  Since the Pyrenees is more countryside than metro, you always feel safe and at ease.


  • Invest in a SIM card or other device to make sure you have cell coverage
  • WiFi in cafes and restaurants is good.  T-Mobile users can actually join local networks that have better coverage.  Upload speed is fair

All in One

The best thing that can be said about the Pyrenees is that you will NEVER be bored.  It really has something for everyone.  Outdoor enthusiasts, this your Nirvana.  The list of activities offered in the Pyrenees is endless, and they do it on a world-class level.  The skiing is amazing.  Take a gondola right from the from the town of Luchon up to the famous Superbagnères ski resort.  Not a skier?  Well how about one of these?

·        Snowshoeing ·        Cross Country Skiing
·        Ice Climbing ·        Ice-skating
·        Indoor Rock Climbing ·        Caving
·        Mountaineering ·        Paragliding
·        Airboarding ·        Fat Biking

This is by no means the complete list, but rather a sampling of what the Pyrenees has to offer for activities.

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France
Bucket list- ski in another country!

The Relaxing Side

The Pyrenees isn’t just for the adrenaline junkies.  It offers everything that someone looking to get away from it all could want.  Start by soaking in the scenery.  Everywhere you go, you are treated to a magnificent landscape.  Just driving through the small villages, and cruising through the epic mountain vistas will assure you that you are on vacation.  We were lucky enough to visit a spa near where we were staying.  I have never seen so many different kinds of pools, hot tubs, and saunas.  Some were even outside with ever present mountains to provide an amazing view.

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France
Allow extra time everywhere you go, stopping for photos is a must!

Cruise the Boutiques

The US dollar is fairly strong at the moment, so this is perfect for a shopping spree.  Strolling the quaint stores and unique boutiques, you will find something to interest any traveler.  Local artisans, specialty stores, and even sporting good outfitters can all be found.  Best of all are the street vendors.  Walk down any street in the area and you will start to drool over the smells coming from the bakeries, cafes, and street carts.

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France
Took a bit to find these tree cakes being made, it was worth the wait! Tip: be sure to buy it from a street vendor not in a bakery. I tried both so you don’t have to!

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France

Time to Eat

Whether you have built up an appetite shredding the slopes, shopping, or relaxing the day away, eventually it is time to eat.  Restaurants and cafes are where the best values can be found.  Prices for food here are surprisingly low.  We went out to eat several times during our visit, and were happy to report we had spent much less than we were expecting to pay.  Not only are the prices very reasonable, but the variety and quality of meals were outstanding.  How often have you gone out to eat at an elegant restaurant and been surprised that it was so cheap?  I know it was a first for us.  This wasn’t an isolated event.  Even fancy resorts where we expect sky-high prices were reasonable.  Trust me, the food and value are worth the trip alone to the Pyrenees.

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France
Great to say- tartiflette and even better to eat! It is made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons, and onions.

Why is the Pyrenees Different?

What I found so unique about the Pyrenees is that there is so much to do and experience in one place.  It has out of this world skiing of the Alps, but without the crazy crowds, pushing and shoving to get on a lift.  You can visit so many amazing places in the area, and there is never traffic.  Go for a ride in the country, and you are guaranteed to stop often just to take countless pictures of nature in its purest form.  Heck, there was a waterfall a few minutes walk down the street from where we were staying.  The Pyrenees really blew us away on all fronts, and you should make it your next destination!

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France
Endless mountains mean it is not hard to get a great photo!

See more views from our hiking adventure in the Pyrenees

Oh, by the way, this is just the stuff to do in the Winter.  We hear that the Pyrenees are equally amazing in the Summer.  Only one way to be sure.  We’ll just have to come back.

Thank you to The Adventure Creators and Tourisme Haute- Garonne  for inviting us to the Pyrenees, we were happy to be guests.  As always our opinions are honest and our own. 

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Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France

Why You Should Visit the Pyrenees in France


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15 Comment

  1. Karine says: Reply

    thank you for this blog, we do love our Pyrenees. As you said: there is so much to do and experience in one place.

    1. It was incredible how so many places were within an hour! More stories of our adventures in the Pyrenees to come.

  2. Megan Jerrard says: Reply

    Actually sounds quite perfect to be honest – opportunities for adrenaline fueled adventure during the day and then relaxation by night! I would love to visit the Pyrenees in France 🙂 Views from our room of the B&B are stunning!

    1. Meg it is great for adventures, I know you would love it! I’m sure The Adventure Creators would love to show you around!

      1. Thanks Cathy and yes, I would be absolutely delighted to welcome you to the Pyrenees, Megan. It’s a very special part of the world with year round adventures as well as plenty of relaxation possibilities and fabulous food. What’s your favourite time of year?

  3. This place looks amazing. Definitely worth escaping to in the winter time. Pinning for future reference!

    1. It really was an amazing place, we plan to go back:) Thanks stopping by!

    2. Allison, whether you are a skier or a snowboarder or just somebody that likes the mountains in wintertime, there’s loads to do here. Indeed year round it’s an area in which you’ll never be bored. It’s so much more affordable than many other mountain destinations too. Do come and play!

  4. Laia says: Reply

    I completely agree, the Pyrenees are great! I’m from Barcelona (Spain) and lived in Toulouse (France), so I have been there a few times. I don’t like skiing but once I did snowshoeing and it was fun, the villages are charming and I’ve heard that there are many beautiful hiking trails.

    1. We had one quick night in Spain and I’d love to go back to explore more. The tapas were incredible:)

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