Montreal’s Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

We seek out street art wherever we go.  Our trip to Montreal was a romantic getaway but I couldn’t resist seeking out street art during the trip.  Our tour of the city from Montreal’s tourism department stopped at many great pieces of street art with special stops to see cat street art per my request.

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Lure of the Alleys

The next day we went out to see what street art we didn’t visit during the tour.  We drove down Saint- Laurent Boulevard, Frank would pull over when I saw a piece I liked, and I would jump out to grab photos while he waited at the side of the road rarely getting a parking spot.  The murals were on the side roads off of Saint Laurent.  While taking photos I noticed the art often continued into the alleys that ran parallel to the main road.  I was intrigued about what art was beyond what I could see from the road.  Montreal’s street art lured me into alleys and around turns.  Down icy paths, I would go snapping photos to return back to the car from a block away in the opposite direction I had left from!

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
The pieces in the alley were often smaller than the murals but still beautiful and interesting.

The murals along the side streets were part of a yearly festival called Mural.  Since 2010 this festival has been creating art to help revitalize the area bringing it to ..” a place of cultural, gastronomical and social avant-garde.”   Similar to the incredible changes that Wynwood Walls brought to the neighborhood in Miami.  I could feel the positive energy and creativity in the air even in winter, I’d love to be there during the festival in June!

Tip: Suggested walking tour of the murals from Wall 2 Wall Montreal blog.  The weather was too cold for us to do all of this tour, just another reason I want to go back in the summer!

Festivals Galore

Montreal is a city that has over 100 festivals a year so in addition to Mural festival, they also have a graffiti festival.   For me, street art and graffiti often blur and can be alike in many ways, not quite like siblings but more like distant cousins.  Under Pressure Graffiti Festival is the largest and longest running graffiti and hip hop festival of its kind in North America.  This festival is community run by volunteers during the first full weekend of August.


Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
Photo credit: Under Pressure Graffiti Festival

Montreal’s street art hooked me, so much that I was lured into alleys!  No matter what your artistic taste is- graffiti or street art – Montreal will have pieces you will love.  Share which was your favorite in the comments!

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
Even in the city I find some nature!

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
Roosters found twice!

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
One of my favorites!

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
This one is more interesting when you really look at it.

Our tour of Montreal was courtesy Montreal Tourism.  As always our opinions and suggestions are our own.

Looking for more to see and do in Montreal or gasp- you don’t like street art?  We share some great places to see and delicious meals in Montreal.

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Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys
Montreal's Street Art Lured Me Into Alleys

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46 Comment

  1. I love street art, too. I don’t always have time to go find it and am a little disappointed when I don’t have any in a city!

    1. I always make time to find some wherever we go but clearly I’m street art obsessed:)

  2. Street Art is something that I have become very divided on over the past few years. I agree that it does often cheer up a boring or rundown building and that it is the expression of often, very good artists, but at the same time it is still graffiti.

    Years ago, graffiti was a bad word; a concept that people did not condone and yet now we all wander the streets in search of the next big thing.

    I think, for me, the catalyst for getting me to stop and think about it was when I was walking past a fantastic old building, full of character, albeit in need of renovation, to discover that someone had defaced it with their artwork. This building had a preservation order on it but someone felt the need to ‘brighten’ it up anyway. Hence, my divided thoughts.

    1. I understand your point of view. This street art is all legal and part of a program to improve the area. Bringing new stores and an artsy vibe to an area is a good thing. Montreal also values history, they keep Old Montreal as traditional as possible- you will love the old buildings there.

  3. The quality of the street art in Montreal is what kind of blows my mind. We have some pieces in Seattle that are sanctioned and really pretty, but no where near this quality or quantity. Go Canada!

    1. Canada really outdoes itself with the street art in Montreal!

  4. Lies says: Reply

    I’m usually not a fan of street art, but looks like you stumbled upon a few nice ones. I especially like the woman with flowers.

    1. Thanks for sharing your favorite, I love hearing what people like:)

  5. These are all great pictures! And I love that you seek out cat-related street art! (Great minds think alike)
    And those roosters are my fave!

    1. Glad to find another cat person!:) The roosters were very cute!

  6. I love street art! We found some amazing murals in Toronto but didn’t make it to Montreal. I need to plan a visit so I can see them in person!

    1. Funny, we are heading to Toronto this summer. I look forward to seeing the street art there. I hope you make it to Montreal soon- be sure to share which street art you find!

  7. I always love street art Cathy! I haven’t been to Montreal in years and would love to go back. It is such a beautiful city!

    1. It really is a great city, I’d been once about 15 years ago. Really fun to go for a romantic weekend:)

  8. I love street art. It is hard to choose a favorite, they all have something special

    1. I have a hard time choosing too, as soon as I pick one another catches my eye:)

  9. I’m heading to Montreal in June, I hope I’ll be in town for the festival!

    1. I hope so too! I’d love to see pictures! Please let me know if you do see it:)

  10. I love street art – it really helps you find the heart and soul of a city and community. Some of these murals are beautiful – the detail and vibrancy of the colour – just stunning!

    1. I couldn’t agree more!

  11. Danik says: Reply

    I have to admit, this must have been a recent addition. I went to Montreal back in 2010 and can’t remember seeing anything like this. Hope to get back to Quebec Provence one day and check these out. Love the write up and the photos. 🙂

    1. I believe the mural festival started in 2013- you should go back to see all the street art:)

  12. Kerri says: Reply

    This stuff is just awesome. I’ve always been a “non grafitti” type of person but have really learnt over the last few years that this type of “organised” art is not graffiti. I’ve spent a bit of time in a similar area of Australia that has great street art and I think it was seeing this and taking time to understand it that changed my perspective. Great article.

    1. Thank you:) I never liked graffiti either but when I learned of the neighborhood revitalization projects I grew to love it!

  13. This reminds me of the alleyways of Melbourne. (And here I thought there was no place like it in the world.) Some lovely art in Montreal, and I’m quite impressed!

    1. I have heard the street art in Melbourne is great, I’d love to visit!

  14. Hra says: Reply

    I love to see a country street arts, and from what i can see Montreal has the best 🙂

    1. I fall in love with the street art everywhere I go. Montreal is definitely in my top 5:)

  15. Those street arts are just so amazing. What an exceptional display of talent and creativity! The street art has become a means of sharing the melancholic thoughts through art. Just spectacular

    1. I fell in love with the beauty of the street art in Montreal:)

  16. Street art is totally up my ALLEY too… ha 😉 Seriously though, I love street art and try to find it in every city I’m in. Definitely adding Montreal to the list!

    1. Ha- love the joke!! Montreal is great, where have you loved the street art?

  17. Pedro says: Reply

    Wow, that’s a great selection of street art! I’ve never been to Montreal, but knowing the city has great murals makes me want to go, as I love anything to do with the street art scene.

    1. I had a hard time limiting myself on the blog:) Where have you found great street art?

  18. Is it my imagination or is street art becoming more common? We love seeking it out in our home town of Austin, too! I love your photos… especially the raven.

    1. Thank you for sharing your favorite. I do think street art is hot right now, works well for me because I love it:) I have heard Austin has lots of great street art, hopefully I can visit soon.

  19. Wow! I am loving those cats! Seeing all these colorful street art reminds me of Paris. So much culture and art in one city. Glad to know Montreal celebrates this kind of artwork!

    1. I didn’t know Paris had lots of street art- good to know;)

  20. I am totally a huge street art nut too! I look for it everywhere I go! But wow, Montreal has some awesome pieces, like all those ones of cats!! LOVE IT! I had no idea they had two festivals surrounding the art too, I’d love to visit during one. And like you asked, which is my favourite, while it was tough, I’d have to say the Raven!!

    1. I would love to be there for one of their festivals too, seeing art in process is amazing! Thanks for sharing your favorite!

  21. Gabby says: Reply

    Ah I love it! I don’t remember seeing these when I was in Montreal, but obv it means I need to go back and look harder 🙂 Great share!

    1. Definitely a good reason to go back, the street art and the poutine:)

  22. […] Enjoy some Canadian street art in Montreal […]

  23. […] is known for an amazing art scene and block after block of incredible street art murals.  I was lured there earlier in the year, but knew we would have to go back for the MURAL Festival.  I’ve loved street art for a […]

  24. Montreal has the most amazing street art I have ever seen. Literally had my breath taken away just walking along small streets throughout the city. I never expected anything like it and cannot wait to go back. This place is a cultural mecca.

    1. I feel the same way Mary, I’ve been twice this year and I’m ready to go back!

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