How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea

How We Found Adventure in a Tea Cup

To us at RoarLoud, adventure isn’t about doing things that are risky. ¬†It just seems that way sometimes ūüėČ ¬†Actually adventure to us is about experiencing the world around us. ¬†It is about indulging your curious nature, and maybe discovering a hidden gem in the most unlikeliest of places. ¬†The¬†hidden gem on our journey¬†to the Azores, came near the end of our trip. ¬†We had already been on a mountain biking tour, went whale watching, tried to swim with dolphins, climbed a volcano, and explored an abandoned hotel. ¬†So nothing could fit in with that more than going on a tour of tea factory, right? ¬†After reading that, you probably had the same reaction I did the first time I heard Tea Tour…”Umm, tea? ¬†Really?” ¬†Cathy’s enthusiasm for¬†going on an adventure of any kind is infectious. ¬†It is one of the things I love most about her, and the reason of how we found adventure in a cup of tea.

What exactly is the Tea Tour?

Enthusiasm aside, the tea factory¬†was actually a tour offered by Futurismo¬†– a tour company that¬†offers a variety of things to experience on the Azores big island of Sao Miguel. ¬†First off we went to some of the scenic spots of Sao Miguel. ¬†Honestly it is nearly impossible to go any location in Azores that doesn’t have an amazing view. ¬†In this case, the tea factory is located in the mountains of Sao Miguel. ¬†We stopped at a few choice spots that have some of the best views on the island. ¬†The volcanic rich soil makes¬†a lush landscape that will have you taking tons of pictures.

How We Found Adventure in a Cup of Tea
The views alone were worth the trip
How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
Coastline with grazing cows dotting the scenery!

The next stop of the tea factory itself.  The rolling fields cascading down the mountain were an amazing sight to see.  The smells in and around the factory were rich and intoxicating.

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
A mountain of tea…literally
How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
The sights and smells were fantastic

It also made this coffee drinker actually crave a cup of tea. ¬†The tour took us into the factory through museum¬†like displays retelling the factory history. ¬†We also were treated to samples of tea being produced. ¬†Of course tea goes best with some kind of pastry, thankfully there is a gift shop and bakery. ¬†I don’t think it is possible to get a bad pastry in the Azores. ¬†I think it is some kind of law, because this place had delicious pastries to go with our tea.

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Things Get Hot in the Azores

Our tour didn’t end there, no we had more to see. ¬†This time we were headed to¬†see Caldeiras das Furnas, ¬†The Furnas Volcano on the eastern tip of Sao Miguel, has a network of calderas (craters).

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
View down at the caldera from the volcano ridge

Local restaurants use these calderas to cook many dishes including “Cozido”, a stew made with different meats and vegetables. ¬†We arrived just in time to see workers lifting large pots out of the ground filled with our lunch. ¬†Our tour continued to the town of Furnas where we toured the many calderas, then had our family style lunch.

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea

Something about a meal cooked by volcano that just seems to add a lot of excitement to the meal.

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
Not sure I want to be around when the timer “pops” on this meal, but the meal is done

Gardens and Thermal Spas

Following our lunch, our tour went to the most intriguing part of the journey…Terra Nostra Botanical Park. ¬†Built in 1780, this botanical garden is one of the oldest and largest in the world (the size of 4 football fields). ¬†Thermal spas built using the volcanic heated water dot the gardens landscape including a giant thermal water pool that have mineral rich waters that are said to improve health.

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
The water was supposed to be really good for you, but Cathy had a hard time getting over the taste

The gardens were incredible, we need to go back to truly explore them more!

We couldn’t wait to try the spas. ¬†They were so relaxing. ¬†There were even spas little grottoes lined with beautiful flora. ¬†It was the perfect way to end the day. Even better, we were staying at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel which is adjacent the botanical park. ¬†We cleaned up, had a delicious¬†dinner, checked out the hotel’s luxurious indoor pool.

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea

It was really nice, but nothing compares to those thermal spas, so we put on some robes and strolled back over to the garden.  Hotel guests can visit the garden after hours, which is amazing treat having a more private soak.

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
A secluded thermal spa we found in the garden

Despite having some reservations about what kind of adventure a tea factory tour would be, I have to admit it was¬†way more exciting a day than I would have ever imagined. ¬†RoarLoud believes you can find adventure anywhere, and this day certainly proved it. ¬†Who would have thought a day billed as a “Tea Factory Tour” would be so fun and truly our hidden gem of a good time?

Thank you to Futurismo Azore Adventures  for providing us with these tours.  As always our opinions are honest and our own.  We highly recommend Futurismo for tours, every tour guide was not only knowledgeable but exceptionally personable.  

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How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea

How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea


How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea


How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea
How We Found Adventure In a Cup of Tea

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  1. this is truly amazing post… found adventure in a cup of Tea!!
    Faiz Alam recently posted…Must Have 7 Travel AppsMy Profile

  2. Kaitrin says: Reply

    Love the tea tour and the thermal pools!

    1. Thank you Kaitrin! I miss the Azores everyday, those islands stole my heart.

  3. Jaimee says: Reply

    WOW! I love posts like this because usually when people see things like a “tea tour”, they kind of second guess it, because there are so many other options. But I love things like this or wine tasting tours! Thanks for sharing, If I ever visit I would definitely look into this because of this post. You’re right – the views alone….. wow. ūüėģ

    1. Thank you, the Azores is full of so much natural beauty it is incredible!

  4. yes yes yes! Fueling my Azores wanderlust some more! This sounds just perfect (and adventurous!).

    1. I hope you make it to the Azores, I’m sure you will fall in love as I have! – Cathy

  5. Such an intriguing title! I love it. This place looks absolutely amazing. I will add it to my bucket list!

    1. Thank you, the Azores is a must see and should be on everyone’s bucket list. As much as I want to keep the islands for myself I can’t help but share their beauty.

  6. Katie says: Reply

    This place looks incredible and the spa looks beautiful! I must go!
    Thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks Katie, the islands are amazingly beautiful!

  7. Meals cooked by volcano and thermal spas! Count me in! I love discovering unique experiences when traveling.

    1. The Azores are an amazing place with so many unique experiences!

  8. Hi Guys,

    Stunning views! That alone makes the tour worthy, as ya noted ūüėČ If a place is gorgeous I can do about any tour there. I recall a tour we took in Kampot, Cambodia, of a pepper plantation. Never knew it’d be so much fun but the scenery alone made it worth the price. Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…10 BS Blogging Limiting Beliefs about Money and How to Murder these Insidious LiesMy Profile

    1. I was never a tour type before but I have had some great ones like this one that changed my mind. It can be surprising what turns into an amazing day!

  9. This place looks really incredible and that tea garden, as well as the thermal spa, are very interesting. I’m waiting for a chance to visit the Azores too.

    1. Thanks Rosemarie, the Azores are incredible I hope you can visit!

  10. What a wonderful journey. The tea gardens are so beautiful and the spa pools. A must on my bucket list to visit Azores. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Lyn, the islands are incredibly beautiful. Hope you get to visit the Azores.

  11. Wow – beautiful photos! (And a great ‘mountain of tea’ pun!!) Really enjoyed this post, and we are bookmarking this for some future vacation planning. Great stuff!
    Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) recently posted…Our Stay at Yotel LHRMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much, the Azores are incredible and a must see destination.

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  13. Mike says: Reply

    Haha, that actually looks really fun! It’s quite interesting to see where things we use every day come from.

    Who’s up for the “knife and fork” tour next week?

    1. We agree, it is interesting to see how what we eat or drink is made. Cheers!

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