7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic – Our Best Day

7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day

On our first day in the Dominican Republic, we did not have any structured activity — such as the impact activities or the power snorkeling that we did later in the week — scheduled, so our plan was to go to a beach. A whole day for a single beach would have gotten a bit tedious, so Wildcat had the idea of going to see some waterfalls first. This seemed fun but nothing to be particularly excited about.

7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day


Not Your Average Beach Day

After some moderately embarrassing haggling about the price of the taxi ride to the waterfalls (since this was my first time out of the country, I have never seen this happen before but after seeing Wildcat get $150 off the starting price for the taxi, I now understand its merit) we were on our way to the waterfalls. When we got there it was a lot more developed than I was expecting. There were various buildings and changing rooms and even a bar — which I was eyeing since the drinking age is only 18 there. I was only expecting to be looking at the waterfalls and appreciate how pretty they are and move on with our vacation and beach day. I didn’t realize how wrong I was until they were handing us life preservers and helmets.


Viewing Waterfalls with Helmets?

Our cab driver left us in the friendly hands of our new guides. They were very nice and spoke very good English (which made me sad because I’m always looking for a chance to use Spanish, tho it was great for the rest of the family that does not speak Spanish). We walked about 20 minutes to the waterfalls — yes, waterfalls. Plural. Seven of them to be exact. The water was probably the most blue water I have ever seen in my life and it was cool without being cold at all. I soon realized why we needed the helmets and life preservers — we were going to be jumping off of the waterfalls!

7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day

Climbing Waterfalls Not Looking At Them

We climbed up the rock faces and through the water falls with the help of the guides that came with us. They were very strong and were able to pull me up with little visible effort — one of them even held onto my dad’s phone the whole way so that he could take pictures and videos of us all along the way. When we finally made it to the top of the waterfalls, one of the guides started messing with my step sister by making her think that we had one more part to climb up, started hoisting her up and telling her she had to grab onto the water. It took her longer than she would like to admit to realize what was happening and we all laughed very hard.

7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day

Nature’s Water Slides

Next came the fun part — jumping down. We had to slide down a couple first which was really fun since the rocks that the waterfalls went over were almost like mini water slides. After a few exciting slides down, we were finally able to actually jump off into the water. It was really exciting but also kinda nerve racking because the ledge that we were jumping off was a lot higher than it looked climbing up. The fall was just long enough to make you think “Oh my gosh, I’m still falling!”. Even though I had been in the water for about thirty minutes by this point, I was still surprised how refreshing the water was as opposed to the frigid waters of New England that I’m used to.

7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day

Amazing RoarLoud Adventure

Each of the waterfalls was more fun than the last and it was one of the first times that I can think of that no one in our family had anything to complain about. Everyone had a great time and it was the highlight of everyone’s vacation. We did end up going to the beach after, and it was very nice, but few things that I have done can compare to how amazing the waterfalls were. 

Have you experienced the 7 waterfalls in the Dominican Republic known as Damajaqua Cascades of Puerto Plata?

Article written by guest writer Nick Parrott

7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day

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7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day

7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day
7 Waterfalls in the Dominican Republic - Our Best Day

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23 Comment

  1. It would be hard work getting up but looks like so much fun, especially with that fresh, comfy water. Nice to hear about the adventure!

    1. Yes, the climbing up is very challenging even with the help of the guides. The water is incredible and it was a great adventure!

  2. Ruth says: Reply

    I thought this article was about taking a deep under a waterfall. Boy I was wrong! This sounds way more exciting. And, taking $150 off the asking price, wow, you guys are haggling geniuses!
    Ruth recently posted…Top Things to See in Kings Canyon National ParkMy Profile

    1. Ruth- it was for 7 of us so a good deal but not genius level:)

  3. I would be nervous to jump down the waterfall and ride the water slides, but it looks like fun! What a great opportunity for you to see another side of the Dominican Republic.
    Brooke of Passport Couture recently posted…Tourism and Small Town CultureMy Profile

    1. Most of us were nervous- me the most as I’m afraid of going under water! It was tough even with the help of the guides but it was a special day. All 7 of us liking the same thing is a miracle!:)

  4. Monica says: Reply

    Wow, I think I would scream and annoy everyone if I had to go barreling down one of those! Looks like an amazing time if you can pluck up the courage.

    1. I screamed a couple of times:) I’m sure I annoyed a few- it was worth it!

  5. norman says: Reply

    This looks absolutly fantastic. I did that before (not in dominican republic, tho) and it was kinda scary the first time, but once you got to trust the guides (and the water i guess) it’s one hell of a fun.

    we once jumped 25 meters down into a sink hole…well that took a lot of persuation! 🙂 great guide

    1. Wow, that sounds very scary! After you conquer your fear it is a great feeling though:)

  6. Neha Makdey says: Reply

    This looks like so much fun
    Neha Makdey recently posted…Athens Travel Guide and ItineraryMy Profile

    1. Not often do all 7 of us agree- it was a great adventure!

  7. Maria says: Reply

    This looks like so much fun! I really wish we had done this during our time in the DR. Well, I guess I’ll have to go back 🙂
    Maria recently posted…Affiliate Marketing for Travel BloggerMy Profile

    1. Always can find a reason to go back to beautiful places:)

  8. The waterslides would be awesome but I think it might take a good push to get me to jump off of a waterfall (I hate heights). That would be an amazing experience, however!
    Allison recently posted…Cuyahoga Valley National Park: An OverviewMy Profile

    1. I am afraid of going under water but I did all but the highest jump. When all the kids did it before me I had to:)

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  13. Alexandra Blacha says: Reply

    We’re thinking of staying in Punta Cana. It says it’s a 5 hour drive to these waterfalls. I know this would be worth it, but it is a long drive. Husband might not love the idea. Did you guys stay in Puerto Plata?

    1. We were on a cruise and stayed at the cruise port Amber Cove. It was only about 20 minutes from the falls. Let us know if you go and what you think:)

      1. Alexandra Blacha says: Reply

        Thank you for all your info!!

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