20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers Over 40

As the years roll by faster and faster, I often forget how old I am!  When asked I stop and think, 30 pops into my head… no  that is not right,  40….  no, eventually I come to the reality that I just turned 45.  I don’t often act or feel my age, and life has only been getting better every year.  In a world of travel bloggers half my age I gathered 20 something (yes, that is not an accident) travel tips from travelers over 40.  Enjoy the wisdom and tips!

Travel Life Lessons

Nicole 44 years old of ThirdEyeMom

I recently was invited to attend an all women’s learn to surf camp in Nicaragua. Although I consider myself highly adventurous, having traveled all over the world with some of the highlights being climbing Kilimanjaro, tandem  hang gliding in New Zealand, and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, getting into the ocean and facing the huge waves to learn to surf, terrified me. After much trepidation, I finally got on my board and did it. For me, it was such an empowering feeling overcoming my immense fear and anxiety over the ocean and learning to surf. It reminded me of the importance of getting out of your comfort zone while traveling. The older I get the more set in my ways I can be but truly doing something that scares the heck out of you is quite an exhilarating, life changing event.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Rebecca 51 years old of Where to this Time

My advice is if you’ve always wanted to travel, do it! If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, go! There’s never a perfect time and never enough money. I lost my best friend and travel buddy of 30 years in 2013 to breast cancer. You never know what’s going to happen. Maybe Margaret and I should’ve saved more, but then I would never have the memories I have now. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Jamie 40 years old of The Daily Adventures of Me

Don’t let excuses stop you from getting out and exploring the world. I don’t regret any trip I have taken, only trips that I didn’t take. If you have a chance to travel solo with a parent, do it. It will give you wonderful memories with them.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Lee-Anne 46 years old of Just Me Please

Be forever young:

•             embrace change

•             look after your health

•             keep your mind open

•             travel frequently

•             make your sense of adventure last a lifetime.

The fastest way to grow old is to lose interest in the world around you.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Practical Tips

Elizabeth 45 years old of Compass & Fork

If you want to save yourself a hassle when you land at the airport in a foreign country, work out ahead of time how you are getting to your accommodation.  Sometimes the easiest thing is to have wherever you are staying organise a transfer.  The driver has the address, knows where you are going, knows what time you are arriving and you will know in advance how much it costs.  All issues that can become quite stressful in a foreign country, especially if you don’t speak the language, land late at night or early in the morning and have luggage.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Allison  45 years old of Sydney Fashion Hunter

People often ask me how I afford to travel so often given I’m clearly not a millionaire. The secret is simple … I never pay full price for anything. And I mean NEVER. For ANYTHING! I spend time lots of time researching the very best deals before I book to make every cent count. Here are my top three tips on never paying full price again: –

* Join Airline Loyalty Programs, sign up for emails and follow them on social media to get advanced warning of any upcoming sales.

* Be flexible in terms of where you want to go and the dates you can travel.

* Be prepared to book quickly. The deepest discounts are often on for a very short time. Make sure you have everything set so that you can book the minute you see a great deal.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Anne 42 years old of Travel the Globe 4 Less

My top tip is to never try to cut travel costs by travelling without travel insurance. From a broken collar bone to torn knee ligaments, cellulitis to motorbike accidents, I’ve had so many scrapes on my travels that to travel without it would be pure suicide!

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Jayne 48 years old of Blue Planet Nomads

Whenever we travel we pack a power board so we can charge all our gadgets at once!  6 to 8 extra sockets is better than the single one you often get in your hotel room and when you have phones, camera batteries and laptops to charge that’s a lot of sockets needed.  We found it particularly useful when over landing through Africa when you have to share a couple of sockets in camp grounds with about 25 of your truck mates, surprising how many free beers we scored when we pulled out the power board 😉

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Travel Style Tips

Dave 61 years old of Silver Backpacker

I have been travelling solo and with sometimes with friends for over 45 years now. I have come to the conclusion that travel must be appreciated.  So my top tip is to travel slowly, take time to enjoy your trip ,no matter how long it is, and immerse yourself into the culture, food and peoples of the country you are visiting. Step out of your comfort zone to experience activities you haven’t tried before.  Don’t rush around trying to be everywhere at the same time. You will never see everything anyway.Not only will you enjoy yourself more, you will also create   lasting memories.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Carol 52 years old of Wayfaring Views

I’ve learned through hard experience that you can’t see it all. Travelers often set a frenetic, exhausting pace in order to bag all of the “must see” sights of a particular location. Enough already. I employ two coping mechanisms to help me retain itinerary sanity. 1. I don’t feel obligated to visit the ‘must see’ sight if it isn’t my kind of thing. I skipped the gondola ride in Venice and don’t regret it. 2. I often spend an extra day in a location, even if it means I can’t go somewhere else. The extra day in Buenos Aires gave me the opportunity to see a ton of cool street art. My advice is to set your own pace and aim to be busy but not exhausted.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Ruthie 47 years old of Ruthie’s Routes

A must on my travel list, eat the local foods and learn how to say basic words in the language of the country you are visiting like; hello and thank you. Always pack light, don’t over plan, and be prepared for “culture shock.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Sabine  42 years old of  The Travelling Chilli

When travelling, don’t rush and try to see everything and miss out on nothing. Take a break once in a while, a day on the beach, sit on a terrace and watch the world go by. Take time to soak in what you have seen, enjoy those moments, instead of rushing off to see yet another temple, museum, city,…In the end, you’ll get home and have to look at your photos because you will have forgotten what you where up to during the first week of your trip.
20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Elizabeth 40 years old  & Dale of Elizabeth and Dale Abroad

Research your destination well and make a short list of things you must do. Save time in your schedule to relax and be spontaneous. Then ask locals where they like to go and what they like to do. Don’t just ask the people at the front desk of your hotel. Ask the local couple you see in the coffee shop, or the man working the cash register in the grocery store. Go off the beaten path, make new friends, and learn about the local culture.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Kristin 63 years old & Tom 64 years old of Travel Past 50

No matter your age or even the length of your trip, we advise against over-planning.  Most travelers agree that it’s the little surprises and chance encounters that make the best memories. So allow yourself to be flexible, open to opportunities and changes. We usually book our round trip air (our start and end dates), plus the first hotel nights, and let the rest develop as we go. If you want to add a side trip, you can. If you need a day of rest, you can take it without messing up your itinerary.  Do allow extra days on your own before and after any group tours. You’re going to want the time to yourselves and the chance to follow your nose. Take intercity trains and buses. Arranging Eurail passes in advance, for example, allows flexibility for travel days and destinations. And finally, take advantage of your conversations with hotel or restaurant staff to ask them about their favorite local places.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40

Paul 51 years old and Carole 49 years old of Paul & Carole Love to Travel

We used to pack as much into a trip as possible but have learn’t that travelling slow and going with the flow is far more rewarding.  We tend now to have loose plans and see where it takes us, this gives us time to truly absorb the surroundings and appreciate the moment. When unexpected opportunities arise take them, always be polite, respectful and smile, as connecting with the local people has bought us the best experiences.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers Over 40

“Travel Slow & Go With The Flow” – Don’t try to see a country in 10 days – rather, see an area in 10 days and take full advantage of what it has to offer… from the free to the more expensive travel opportunities. This photograph was taken in Nepal. I had travelled overland from India and exploring the villages by bicycle gave me an opportunity to connect with the locals (including the elephants which I followed home)

 20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Dave 46 years old and Deb 45 years old of The Planet D

For those looking to try new adventures in the over 40 crowd, we suggest taking baby steps. Don’t go too big too soon as to scare yourself off, try something just a little bit out of your comfort zone. If you are too afraid to try a bungy jump, go for a high speed zip line instead. If you want to climb a mountain, start off doing some serious back country hiking. It’s about taking small steps and then adding onto them. Once you’ve got a few adventures under your belt, you’ll be ready and prepared to tackle more.


20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40

Andrea 53 years old of Andi on Adventure

After a recent overnight train trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, my friend and I checked into our hotel at 8 am, primped, and were at the gates of the Royal Palace by 10am. We were determined to take a big bite out of Bangkok during our 2-day layover. The crowds were huge, the sun was hot, and we were tired, and by noon we were asleep in our air-conditioned hotel room, beaten by Bangkok (briefly). And then we remembered this- take it slowly. Relax and enjoy the moments and don’t focus on checking things off your “to do” list. You can learn a lot about a city by people-watching from a sidewalk cafe!
20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Natasha 42 years old of World Wandering Kiwi

You can experience a country and its culture even on a short visit. Don’t stay in a resort; do make up your own itinerary but don’t plan your trip to the nth degree; keep an open mind to the beauty and variety of the world; and don’t sweat the small stuff because travel challenges that arise can make for the most memorable trips!

 20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


 Packing Tips

Ron 52 years old and Michele 54 years old of Legging It

The best advice we can give to anyone planning on travelling is pack lightly. You will need to carry your bags up flights of stairs and on and off transport so the lighter the better. Many people overpack as they feel they will not have time to dry their clothes  but the reality is most things dry overnight so they carry much more than they really need.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Virginie 46 years old of Travel with my Kids

I am not very specific about packing, but when it comes to the purse, that’s another story. Let’s take a quick look back on what I learned from my youth mistakes (about travel purses only, for the rest it would take too long).  In my 20s = the perfect little backpack. Couldn’t be more convenient: being hands free, not holding anything, feeling so light. So light that the day I was robbed, I didn’t even notice that I strolled all day long with an almost empty bag (no more passport, no more wallet). Backpack purse is convenient for pickpockets as much as it is for you. In my 30s = the perfect huge tote bag. Obviously, far enough from a trendy little ‘pochette’, and not light at all anymore. As a young mother, the contents of my bag had suddenly double or even triple: pacifier, water, snack, cap, diaper, security blanket, and many more. This bag could hold so much. At least enough to end the day with a painful shoulder and contorted neck. In my 40s = finally came my perfect vintage-army-messenger-bag. Just the right size for my stuff, but sorry kids, too small to carry yours. Worn enough to not attract thieves in tourist spots. Hands free again. This is it. Forever.  That’s one of the great things about getting older: you’ll eventually find your perfect travel purse.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Lodging Tips

 Marta 40 years old of Learning Escapes

It took me almost 40 years to discover this way of travelling, but now that I have, I recommend it to everyone as my best travel tip: home exchange! As the name suggests, home exchange is based on the idea that someone vacations in your house, while you vacation in theirs. It’s a sustainable, cheap way to travel and makes for a great cultural experience: you live like a local anywhere in the world and you stay in the comfort and safety of a real house all for yourself. I have already used the service a few times, both with children and without and love it. A home swap also has an additional advantage: before you travel you are in touch with your host, which means you get advice on things to see and local joints you might otherwise miss. It’s a real shortcut to insider’s knowledge!

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Barbara 63 years old of Hole in the Donut

For the best travel experiences, I suggest staying in locally owned guest houses where the owners/staff speak English. Not only will you have a much more authentic experience, which can often include experiences such as sampling the family’s food or even joining them for a meal, they are a wealth of information regarding fascinating places to visit that are off the beaten path. In many cases, they have been happy to arrange drivers for me who speak at least a little English, and in some cases they have even arranged for a guide who speaks fairy fluent English. I have seen the most amazing things this way! Try searching booking services like Booking.com and selecting “Guest Houses” under the “Property Type” in the left-hand menu. Look at each of the available properties and make sure the description says “We speak your language.” Then read all the reviews, and look for comments about the helpfulness of the staff/owners.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Manejah 44 years old of No Avocados, please

Many travelers tend to cling to the creature comforts found within the four walls of a hotel or resort not realizing other housing options exist. A great tip, if you are really interested in exploring, learning and being a part of your new city, is to rent out a space for the duration of your stay. Sites like Airbnb and Homeaway allow you to choose from a list of available housing options based on your needs. Be sure to read the reviews on the space before booking.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40

A Roar Loud Lesson

Cathy 45 years old & Frank 49 years old of RoarLoud

We were bit hard by the travel bug on our trip to Tanzania.  Our full time jobs and 6 kids do not allow for full time travel yet.  We craved for the adventure of travel though!  Searching out adventure locally became our way to quench our wanderlust between trips abroad.  It also created our motto- Adventure Near & Far.

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


Share your travel tips in the comments, even if you are not over 40:)


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20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers Over 40

Travel Notes & Beyond

20 Something Travel Tips from Travelers over 40


About Cathy

Cathy (aka “Wildcat”) is not your typical travel/adventurer. Whether it is traveling across the globe or exploring her beloved White Mountains of New Hampshire, this mother of 4’s curious nature has led her to find adventure everywhere she goes. Her blog RoarLoud.net was first started to chronicle the training and journey to the “Rooftop of Africa” – Mt. Kilimanjaro. Since that time, RoarLoud.net has expanded to highlight everything connected with the unique and fascinating adventures a Wildcat can find. She shares with her readers tips, advice, and encouragement to find their strength and inner “ROAR”.
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95 Comment

  1. Anne says: Reply

    I love this and it is great to see there are actually a bunch of 40 something travel bloggers out there as I tend to feel a little like the mummy figure at many of the networking events. It is easy to get caught up in the ‘inferiority complex’ of travel blogging. You know the one ‘ooh she is younger, slimmer’ etc than me (maybe I am having a paranoid day) and forget the extra wisdom and experience we bring to the blogging community. Love this and now need to track down one of those power sockets Jane has. I have some with multiple points but not six and I am forever out of sockets. why are hotels always so stingy with their power?

    1. Anne this blog came about from a blog I wrote about never making it on a list. I realized how many of us over 40 there were and wanted to share that- I’m glad everyone is liking it:) Lots of great tips and photos, such a wonderful group of bloggers!

      1. Anne says: Reply

        Hoorah thanks for fighting the cause for the mature traveller!

        1. It is a great group that I love representing and being a part of!:)

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize there were so many of us over 40! Good for us! Great blog, Cathy. Love all the tips from the perspective of us older folks, older only by number. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

    1. Rebecca thank you for contributing and sharing! After my never on a list blog this blog had to be done:)

  3. Cathy, I LOVE this post so much! Now I’m going to check out all these bloggers! So inspiring!!!!
    Nicole Melancon recently posted…Chicabrava: Empowering young girls through learning to surfMy Profile

    1. Nicole thank you for contributing! I loved putting it together and hearing so many different tips! We are a great group of over 40 year olds:)

  4. Great post! Great group of travelers with such great insights.

    1. Thank you! Roars to you for sharing too! It is most definitely a great group, fun to put it together:)

  5. I love how so many of these bloggers say to go slow and at your own pace and not to try to cram in too much. I keep having the same argument with my husband: he wants to do too much in too short a time, and then he needs a vacation from the vacation.

    1. Yes, I tend to do the same:) I need to learn many more travel lessons still!

  6. Gabi says: Reply

    It’s awesome, thrilling, inspiring (and – I confess – one or two happy tears came down too) to discover that some of “blogging colleagues” I had pictured as twenty something are my age as well (Travelling Chilli I thought you were even less than twenty). It is inspiring to find so many great people I follow and admire on this list. This confirms what I started suspecting when turned 40. As time goes by, life can only get better if you love what you do. Feeling young in spirit, capable of anything is a precious gift not everybody is granted. Let’s take advantage of it. Only good things can come out.

    1. Gabi I wish you had made it on this blog, your comment is beautiful!! I had a hard time finding bloggers over 40, I emailed some hoping I wasn’t offending them if they weren’t 40:) Eventually I posted the collab opportunity on a few Facebook pages. I think the adventures in travel keep us young at heart! Such a great group of supportive bloggers we know!

    2. Sabine says: Reply

      Gabi, that’s so funny. In fact sometimes I feel I’m getting younger (in my mind at least) the older I get. 🙂
      Sabine recently posted…Safari in South Africa – A practical guideMy Profile

      1. Sabine I hear you, I feel less mature most days:)

  7. Cathy – I LOVEEEEE this post. I’m sharing this everywhere.

    1. Sonal thank you!! Glad you like it- I wanted to share that there are many over 40 bloggers who still roar!:)

  8. Thanks for this! I turned 41 last week and found this so refreshing. Most of the bloggers I have met are much younger than me and I often think I have just left it too late!! This tells me I am wrong!
    Amanda Williams recently posted…Guilt-free Luxury at Merlin FarmMy Profile

    1. Thank you Amanda, I was hoping showing how many of us are over 40 would help others:) The best is yet to come, just gets better every year!

    2. Anne says: Reply

      That is exactly what I thought and was so pleased to discover I was wrong!!
      Anne recently posted…Enjoy a Kielder Delight with this Northumberland Weekend EscapeMy Profile

  9. Excellent post, thanks so much for including us! Interesting to see that slow travel is evident in a lot of positive experiences. We will definitely be looking at the power board Jayne mentioned too! It is great to discover other mature travel bloggers to connect with, thanks again!
    Paul and Carole recently posted…Our stay at the Secret Garden Beach Resort, Bangrak, Koh SamuiMy Profile

    1. Thank you for contributing to the blog! I’m glad it is being received well, I loved the idea when I thought of it:) It is funny how many I didn’t know were over 40, great to connect with everyone!

  10. Love how this article turned out. I haven’t figured out the slow travel thing either… maybe in our 50s. I’m going to the UK in two weeks and I’ll pay more attention to if I need to slow down and let go of more or if hare travel is still just my thing. I had no idea you had six kids! I feel like my four are alot!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Thank you for your contribution too, always great working with you! I’m sure I’ll slow down one day, for now I like to see as much as possible even if it leaves me tired. Yes my 4 are alot, 2 more makes it extra busy:) Have a great trip to the UK!!

  11. Sabine says: Reply

    Cathy, this is such a great article and thanks for including me 🙂 As you say, often you see post about travelling in your twenties or things to do before 20 so this is finally one I can relate to. So great idea, great post and let’s make many more of those 😀
    Sabine recently posted…Safari in South Africa – A practical guideMy Profile

    1. Sabine thank you! Thank you for contributing and sharing. It was great getting to collaborate with so many great bloggers!! I’ll work on some more ideas for those of us over 40 bloggers:)

    2. Anne says: Reply

      Yes I must say I really hate the twenty things to do in your twenties articles. I saw one once which practically wrote off anyone over the age of 30 as being capable of travelling as though once you have a career, husbands and families that somehow prevents you from doing anything else. This should be an inspiration to younger travellers too who may think it isn’t possible to do those things and travel when clearly it is!! You guys rock!
      Anne recently posted…How to Become an Expert Family Travel Hacker?My Profile

      1. We are an inspiring group for sure! I know in my 20’s I never thought I’d be doing what I am today. It is a nice realization that age is just a number!:)

  12. Cathy, Thanks for including us. Great post and great to find so many other over 40 bloggers. So many of these tips are things we have learned as well (we have discovered the power board- how did we survive without one?) and when we worked and traveled, I think we were always in the I need a vacation after my vacation camp! It is great to slow down, talk to people and explore a place. I am constantly amazed by what a small world it is and how much we have in common with people we meet in far flung places.
    Elizabeth @ Compass & Fork recently posted…What to See and Do in the Village of Halki on NaxosMy Profile

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for contributing! I loved your tweet totaling our ages:) We are in great company in this group, it was my pleasure to gather the information for this blog!

  13. Thankyou for including me too Kathy. Good to see that there are some more over 60’s still with itchy feet. I think that once you have the travel bug it will never leave you. Theres always one more……. and i also find that i am getting more and more out of my comfort zone these days and have a Kay Sara Sara attitude 🙂
    Happy travels everyone 🙂

    1. Thank you Dave for contributing! It is great to see proof that age is just a number!

  14. Joe says: Reply

    A great post, with some excellent practical tips 🙂 I always thought I was a bit late to the travel thing, having only really got properly in to it in the past few years. I’m 32 now…and reading posts like this tell me that, hopefully, my best travel years are ahead of me. Inspirational stuff, thanks for sharing!
    Joe recently posted…Expedition Training I – Setting the Itinerary and ExpectationsMy Profile

    1. Thanks Joe. Age is just a number, you have plenty of time!

  15. Wendy says: Reply

    Such great advice from every single person. My husband and I love to travel, and we’re sharing our love for it with our two kids – life’s too short to wonder what-if! 🙂
    Wendy recently posted…The Kid-Foodie’s Guide To GhentMy Profile

    1. Thank you Wendy! I give you lots of credit to travel with kids- it can be a challenge! Better to get out there and explore most definitely!

  16. Your never to should i say middle aged to travel. Travel in your 40’s is the new travel in your 20’s but in better style.

    1. I forget how old I am so that might travel like I’m 20 sometimes:)

  17. Incredible post. I am bookmarking it to read again. Such an inspiring collection. I appreciate you taking the time to put it together and share. Great job.

    1. Thank you:) I still need to learn some of the tips so I read it often:)

  18. shiv blogs says: Reply

    That is such a good collection of travel lessons and tips, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment:)

  19. Kaley says: Reply

    What an amazing resource you have put together for us younger travelers! Definitely love taking advice from people who have traveled more than I have because they’ve been through more than me. The bit about bringing the power strip is so simple yet I never would have thought to bring extra with me!!

    1. Thanks Kaley! I agree, I love the tips too!

  20. Emily says: Reply

    Fantastic post (love the title, very cheeky).

    I agree so hard with the tips to spend more time in fewer places. Obviously, this depends on your personal style; I get easily worn out and overwhelmed in new locations, so it’s important for me to take a day “off” and just hang rather than rushing around. (Not that it ever takes much to convince me to spend an afternoon on a cafe terrace…)

    I also love what Dave and Deb say about “baby steps.” There’s no shame in only going halfway, or trying something smaller/easier/faster. Lots of people say “GO BIG OR GO HOME” but those people can take a (multi-day) hike. Nothing wrong with knowing your limits or adapting an activity so that you actually, like, enjoy it.

    1. Thank you Emily:) I tend to rush around everywhere still as I have less time than I’d like at each location. I hope that changes so I can take more days off and really get to know the area!

  21. “The fastest way to grow old is to lose interest in the world around you.” – love that quote! I hope to still be learning and growing from travel when I am in my 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s (if I make it that far haha!) Great post!

    1. Thanks Nikki! I am shooting for 100- keep exploring it keeps you young!

  22. This post just made me so happy! So inspiring! It’s so wonderful to see so many 40+ fellow travelers and I loved all the tips! It often feels like we are the oldest travelers out there so it’s so nice to see others our age really enjoying all the world has to offer.
    Jennifer St Louis recently posted…WorldschoolingMy Profile

    1. Thank you Jennifer, that is exactly why I did this blog! Many bloggers are making lists of places to go in there 20’s, I wanted to show the other side that is actually a large group of us. Cheers to more adventure and travels for years to come- it only gets better!

  23. What a novel idea and what amazing tips from the experienced travelers, loved all of them.
    Voyager recently posted…Top Things to Pack in Your Travel Health KitMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much, I felt it need to be written:)

  24. Funny that of all of this fantastic advice, and much I’ve already learned on my own, the thing that stands out to me is “you can’t see it all.” That’s true. Too true. And it’s too difficult to accept.

    1. Thanks Rob! It is hard to not see it all, one day I’ll slow down and accept that- not quite yet though:)

  25. Ami says: Reply

    Heartening alright. I definitely think that as long as your health is good, you are well poised to take any travel.

    1. Thank you Ami, cheers to years of travel and adventures!

  26. Some very interesting and useful tips. As a twenty-something, I hope I still have my passion for travelling when I am over 40!

    1. Thank you Tom! Age is just a number, keep exploring!

  27. Taylor says: Reply

    I really like this, and it’s refreshing to see something from a different perceptive aka not the typical 20-something’s writing tips! I’m a twenty-something and get sick of them haha. I’ll be sending this over to my mom, she’ll love it!
    Taylor recently posted…10 Things To Do In TorontoMy Profile

    1. Thanks Taylor:) Age is just a number, a number that I forget often! I think I’ve only got more adventurous in my 40’s so looking forward to my 50’s!

  28. Carlie says: Reply

    What an inspiring post, especially for someone like me who’s rounding the corner on 40! But seriously speaking, we are surrounded by 20-somethings who claim to be “expert travelers” in the travel blogosphere, so it’s refreshing to see a collection like this. Although they may have traveled near and far, and may have great tips/ideas about improving travel, I can’t honestly say that I trust their life experience. I’m a COMPLETELY different person than I was 10 years ago at 26. I cannot imagine knowing anything well enough to have been an expert then! I’m excited to dig deep into the blogs mentioned here to find out more tips and tricks from LIFE experts who love to travel!!!! thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! It only gets better every year! Enjoy and keep adventuring!

  29. that is awesome to see so many travellers in the elder age group! this is super cool, will share with mom! keep rocking it guys!

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. May we all travel for many years to come!

  30. First time visit on your blog! I love your theme! This post was very interesting and eyes opening. I always loved the fact that my 72-year-old grandparents travel the world like never before! Their next adventure will be in Sri Lanka (I’m from Finland) meaning they still choose far away destinations despite the age! I really hope I’ll be as healthy and enthusiastic to travel at that age too! – One of the travellers here said to keep your own pace while travelling, it is a very good tip and I need to learn to find my pace as well! Great post 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the most as much as I enjoyed gathering the information from a great group of experienced travelers!

  31. marie says: Reply

    Fun article! But remember ….. “Age is just a number”, don’t be defined by age!

    1. Thank you, I usually forget my age so I’m not defined by it:)

  32. this is an amazing post! so happy I found it tru FB group 🙂 Firsly, I am amazed by how many 40+ travel bloggers are there….I seriously thought blogging is mostly for younger generations but I was sooo wrong!
    My favourite advice is this one “my top tip is to travel slowly, take time to enjoy your trip ,no matter how long it is, and immerse yourself into the culture, food and peoples of the country you are visiting. ” I can totally relate to that. As an Expat living in the Czech Republic, I understand the culture & people much more. 🙂

    1. Glad you found us and enjoyed the post! I’d love to live in another country to really get to know the culture better.

  33. So many great tips! Rebecca’s, Carol’s and Natasha’s tips really resonated with me ☺

    1. Thank you, it was a great group of travelers!

  34. Great collaboration – what a fun topic 🙂

    1. Thanks:)

  35. Frank says: Reply

    Enjoyed the post, I didn’t know there were so many 40+ bloggers and many up above I had never heard of. I’ll be sure to check out some of the websites.

    We’ve been travelling full-time time, “slow-travelling” for 2 years now and I think we learn about what we can and can’t live without as we go. One of the many unusual things we drag around with us are our own bedsheets, made out of 100% cotton. Because in the end you’ll always need your comforts 🙂 We’ve also found sarongs and bandanas serve a million different purposes. Good shoes and travel insurance also a must. Someone mentioned Loyalty Programs – that’s something we could use, I haven’t known where to start and we’re probably peeing away some potential savings.

    Nice post.
    Frank (bbqboy)
    Frank recently posted…Lady, can you please shut the F*ck up?My Profile

    1. Thanks for stopping by, so many things we all keep learning as we go. Happy travels!

  36. Such wonderful and inspiring advice. It makes me feel adventurous, maybe time to shake up how I travel.
    Karen Germain recently posted…Port Review- GibraltarMy Profile

    1. Thanks, always good to learn from others and be adventurous:)

  37. This post is full of gems! Thanks for sharing it on #WeekendWanderlust. I’m thrilled to have found your blog, and because of your blog, so many other great blogs, too! Thank you for putting this post together!

    1. Thank you so much:) I love finding new blogs too, looking forward to checking yours out!

  38. Swati says: Reply

    What a fascinating bunch of fellow travelers. I am convinced, life can only ever get better :). Love the blog and glad to make acquaintance of so many inspiring folks out there. Lets keep traveling and growing !

    1. Thank you so much! Life certainly does keep getting better each year. Cheers to a lifetime of travels!

  39. Some wonderful tips and advice from a great collection of over 40 travelers — many of these folks are more adventurous than I am! I still have a few years left before I am part of the over 40 crowd, but I think there is something about being over 30 that makes it difficult to remember your exact age. I always have to stop and think about it too:)
    Jessica @ Independent Travel Cats recently posted…Louisiana Plantations Guide: 12 River Road PlantationsMy Profile

    1. Jessica I understand completely, after 30 I lost track of my age. Every year I seem to get more adventurous:) Thanks for visiting!

  40. Anda says: Reply

    A very inspirational post! I loved to read about the travel experiences of all these middle age people. Gives me courage to see that age is only a figure.
    Anda recently posted…Money, Power, Immorality and the ‘King’ of Hearst CastleMy Profile

    1. I agree, I hope to be traveling for a long time to come still!

  41. Robert says: Reply

    Excellent sound advice and amazing photos! Heading to India this Fall and just going to go as we please at our own pace, no hotels, all home stay accommodation and see where it leads us!
    Robert recently posted…Avoid Rough Seas Cruise Ship SailingMy Profile

    1. Wow, I look forward to hearing how that goes! I’m sure it will be an amazing adventure!

  42. A lot of these inspirational bloggers I already knew and followed but some great new people to follow now as well.
    Thanks for sharing. Now I know my professional competition but also so amazing and like-minded people.

    1. There are so many great bloggers – it is my honor to work with them.

  43. Ioanna says: Reply

    So great to see so many travelers closer to my own age! I’m 40 and I am still surprised how empowering traveling, hiking and writing about it is!
    I would add my own advice: accept and embrace the way you are: weaknesses, anxieties, health issues, specific life situations and do what fits you. No need to check any must-do lists of places, activities or adventures. Just hike your hike, travel your trip.
    Happy travels, everyone!
    A Woman Afoot

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and adding a great tip! Happy travels!

  44. For those of us “of a certain age,” it’s reassuring to see so many others of us amidst the 20- and 30somethings out there. Great post, and lots of sage advice.

    1. Thank you, I love collaborative posts with so much wisdom too:)

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