What to Get the Adventure Traveler in Your Life This Holiday Season

What to Get the Adventure Traveler in Your Life This Holiday Season

Tis the time of year when thoughts turn to holiday lists.  Buying presents can be a challenge for many people.  If you love adventure travel as much as we do, then I can tell you that gear is always needed and appreciated.  Whether you are looking to spend a lot or a little, RoarLoud has you covered.  Here are some of our suggestions for what to get the adventure traveler in your life this holiday season.

Its All in the Bag

No matter what kind of traveler you are, there is always a need for luggage, bags, anything to make lugging your stuff around the globe a little easier. In the case of rugged duffel bags, you can’t lose with the Overboard Waterproof Duffel. It is huge, durable, and 100% waterproof (not resistant..waterproof). We used these for when climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

OverBoard Waterproof Classic Duffel







It is always nice to have piece of mind when traveling.  Travelon has a whole line of anti-theft bags that are wonderful for keeping your stuff safe.  Their bags are slash proof, having locking compartments, and RFID blocking. We got them for travel, but ended up using them every time we go on an adventure.

What to Get the Adventure Traveler in Your Life This Holiday Season
“Wildcat” exploring Boston’s China Town looking for street art
Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack

Bright Gift Idea

I always love have those items that are super useful and don’t fill up or weigh down my bags.  MPOWERD inflatable solar lantern is just such a product.  It weighs nothing, folds down flat, and is the multi-tool of lighting.  It is great for backpacking or camping, but we have used it for emergency lighting during power outages, lighting attic or other dark areas, the list goes on.  It is a good product made by a good company that gives back to the community.

What to Get the Adventure Traveler in Your Life This Holiday Season
Our “Go To” Light Source
MPOWERD Luci Original – Inflatable Solar Light

Have some hikers on your holiday list– no problem we have you covered for them too!

Safe Water – Smart Gift

When you are traveling to foreign countries, you’ll always hear the advise “Don’t Drink the Water”.  It isn’t always as easy as you think.  There aren’t many places in 3rd world nations open 24 hrs. selling bottled water to tourists that didn’t plan ahead.  Fortunately we found LifeStraw.  I love, love, love my LifeStraw water bottle so much, that I should be their spokes person (hint, hint).  Having clean water when ever you need it no matter what the source.  Whether from a questionable hotel sink or a stagnate pond in the mountains, LifeStraw is an invaluable and practical gift.

What to Get the Adventure Traveler in Your Life This Holiday Season
I am never without my LifeStraw!

LifeStraw even made the trip to Kilimanjaro with us!

Enjoying some water from @lifestraw_ Go water bottle before climbing Barranco Wall. #kilimanjaro

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LifeStraw Go Bottle

Need gift ideas for the hiker in your life? Shop here!

Change Is Good

One of the things that I think people forget when they travel is that like the language being different, so may the voltage be different.  There is nothing more frightening than to realize your phone, tablet, laptop, and other devices may be useless because you forgot to bring a power converter.  Even if you don’t travel internationally, hotel rooms rarely have enough outlets for our techie needs.  This is why we love the BESTEK converter with interchangeable worldwide plugs UK/US/AU/EU and 4 USB ports.

BESTEK International 220V to 110V Converter with Interchangeable Worldwide UK/US/AU/EU Plugs and 6A 4 USB Ports

Wrapping Up

Buying gifts can sometimes be challenging for the hard to buy for loved one.  If you have an adventure traveler on your holiday list, these are our top picks for gifts to buy.  Feel free to share your gift ideas with RoarLoud.  We have people on our list too and always love hearing about great stuff to get!

Check out where we have used these products on our travels and adventures

LifeStraw and Mpowered lantern were used on this hike in New Hampshire

Travelon backpack used on our trip to Boston seeking street art

Bestek converter used to charge devices while on safari in Tanzania

Overboard duffel bags were used on our hike of Mt. Kilimanjaro -check out the porters carrying them in this blog

Mpowerd lanterns, LifeStraw and Travelon all donated gear for previous adventures.  Overboard gave us a discount on our purchase for our trip to Kilimanjaro.  These are all companies we love and are customers ourselves.  

Disclaimer:  RoarLoud is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, meaning we may receive a small commission on any purchases.

Save this list- also great for Mother’s/Father’s day, birthday, etc….

What to Get the Adventure Traveler in Your Life This Holiday Season


What to Get the Adventure Traveler in Your Life This Holiday Season

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29 Comment

  1. Drew says: Reply

    A fantastic lineup of Christmas travel gifts. The LifeStraw bottles are especially intriguing, and I haven’t heard from anyone how well they work, so good to know that you had a positive experience. So helpful, whether camping or visiting a region with spotty tap water. Nothing worse than spending money needlessly on bottled water every day!

    1. We agree Drew. Hikes are usually part of our trips so for that alone we have them with us but not worrying about questionable water is an added bonus!

  2. That light is a really good idea- you just never know when the power’s going to go out!

    1. True, we had brought it more for our hiking but used it often in the hotel! It is easy to pack so it comes with us always.

  3. I’ve been looking for a good converter, thanks for the recommendation. Also like the backpack!
    Brenda Tolentino recently posted…Sicily – In search of Milza and finding EdenMy Profile

    1. Frank did tons of research to find that one and we love it! We love sharing our research to save others from having to do it:)

  4. Rob says: Reply

    Some good ideas, for sure. I have used and carried the LifeStraw, great product, although I had not seen the integrated water bottle, very cool. Also I have never seen the inflatable solar light, I am going to have to get one of those!
    Rob recently posted…Long-term Packing Tips Learned Over 900 Days of Perpetual TravelMy Profile

    1. Glad you found a new one for you. Those lanterns are great as they collapse flat and weigh very little. Hope you get one for the holidays!

  5. Those are three solid gifts I would love to have in my stocking. The beautiful thing is, you can always use one more. Even if your recipient already has a light or a bag they could always use another one. Great ideas.

    1. Very true, I hope you get a few this holiday for yourself:)

  6. noel says: Reply

    These are all great and I have to buy a few of these items for some of my adventure travel, thanks for sharing them.

    1. Thank you, I’m the same way- I look for ideas for gifts and usually find a few for myself:)

  7. What a great gift list! My lifestraw is indispensible when I’m out hiking.

    1. I hear you! LifeStraw has saved us both traveling and hiking numerous times!

  8. Laura says: Reply

    These look like handy gifts for a traveller. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, always good to have gift ideas for the travelers in our lives.

  9. Love this! Been struggling to think through some stuff for the hubs and this is the perfect list. The LifeStraw is a MUST have for hiking. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! #weekendwanderlust

    1. Most of our hiking gear comes with us on travels, works well for both:)

  10. Lifestraw is simply amazing would love to receive something like this. It’s perfect for traveling because it’s lightweight, inexpensive, simple and compact. This is a unique product which is perfect Christmas gift for your friends who loves to travel.
    Trisha Velarmino recently posted…Dear girls of the world: don’t let society dictate who you areMy Profile

    1. We agree Trisha, hope you get one in your stocking for Christmas!:)

  11. Thanks for the ideas. I think my teen son could use that waterproof duffel, and my daughter would LOVE that inflatable solar lantern. I confess that your photo of the LifeStraw may convince me to actually try it. All the other promo photos I’ve seen have the person drinking directly out of a stream with it. Much better to put it in a water bottle first!
    Michele {Malaysian MThis eanders} recently posted…The Fading Art of Map ReadingMy Profile

    1. Glad you like the ideas- my girls love the lanterns! It is nice to have the LifeStraw water bottle format.

  12. jill says: Reply

    Alright, Life Straw it is! My son lives in Colorado and regularly does some fantastic hikes where the Life Straw would be fantastic. And I’m also thinking the lantern,too, though he does have a high powered headlamp. Most of his gifts lately have been travel/hiking related. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sound like great gifts for him! We take both on all our hikes and travels. Happy shopping!

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  14. Love our TravelOn theft-proof bags. We’re the same – got them for a trip, use ’em all the time! Good list – I’m going to “accidentally” leave this out for my Secret Santa to see. 🙂
    Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) recently posted…The 2016 TravelLatte Holiday Gift GuideMy Profile

    1. Too funny! Thanks for adding our list to your great list, I love those photo magnets- perfect for my kids:) Happy holidays!

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