A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

The Serengeti- Photo Essay

Going on safari in Serengeti National Park was a dream come true for me.  Our trip started on a small plane just a day after hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro.  As we landed on the grassy plain, giraffes ran along the edge of the runway. We were very excited and had no idea that this was just beginning.  We thought that our day would be driving down long dirt roads and occasionally seeing an animal in the distance.  The scenery would be beautiful at least so we were still excited to be in the Serengeti.

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay


Animal Overload

Boy, did we have that all wrong.  Around each turn was another animal.  It was almost too much excitement for me! Endless grassy fields and beautiful trees unique to Africa, made even the few moments without animals interesting.  Driving along in our safari modified Land Rover on the bumpy dirt roads, I felt as though I was in a National Geographic television show.  Groups of gazelle regularly ran in front of our vehicle so close that I was worried about hitting them.  At our first sighting of a giraffe, we stopped and cameras clicked away.  By the end of the day, we only stopped when animals were 15 feet from the vehicle or closer!  The herds of gazelle had become common to us, and we had seen all of the big five but the rhino on day one.  We were on animal overload and couldn’t have been more happy about it!

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

Education in Animals

The wild cats were my favorite, no surprise there!  I also fell in love with each baby animal I saw.  Thanks to our great guide from ClimbKili, we were educated about each amazing animal we spotted.  Learning about how animals like the elephant take care of each other when one is injured (even sharing food) added so much to our appreciation of these amazing creatures.  When an elephant dies other elephants mourn the death and take the bones to a special place.  We were in awe of these animals that have so much intelligence and compassion.  It is impossible to look at animals the same way after learning so much. I would love to head to Tarangire National Park which is known for having the largest population of elephants.

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay
Moments before this cheetah mom caught a gazelle for her 3 babies!

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

Small animals like the dwarf mongoose, who were very entertaining, caught our eye at times.  The mongoose had taken over a termite mound and were very happy with themselves.  They looked like royalty relaxing at their new palace.

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

Lunch Break

Our lunch breaks were just as entertaining.  Beautiful brightly colored birds flew by and walked around our tables picking up crumbs.  Dwarf mongoose hung around in the bushes waiting for scraps to fall.  The king of the beggars were the hydrax though.  They casually hopped around tables, and even got on the chair next to me.  Large groups of hydrax wandered the lunch area, and were often found lounging in the sun.  Our safari was nonstop animals, perfect for a wildcat like me!

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

The Serengeti- Photo Essay
Superb Starling strutting at lunch time
A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay
Wildebeest trying to stay out of the sun in a small amount of shade.

A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay


Note a discount was provided by ClimbKili for our trip. All opinions expressed are my own. Mention RoarLoud when booking and receive a rental credit.

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A Visual Journey Through the Serengeti- Photo Essay

Travel Notes & Beyond


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  1. Joe says: Reply

    Some lovely pictures here Cathy, confirming that the Serengeti is THE place to go for a safari. I haven’t been able to yet, mostly due to financial/time restraints…one day. Some great facts too – I had no idea that Elephants mourned the death of fellow members of their herd! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Joe recently posted…The Expedition Buildup BeginsMy Profile

    1. Thanks Joe, you must go! There will be a few more blogs on the safaris we did. The guides taught us so much about the wildlife!

  2. Anda says: Reply

    Visiting Serengeti would be a dream come true for me too, Cathy. I always wanted to go on a safari and your beautiful pictures make me want to visit Africa even more. Thank you for linking up to #TheWeeklyPostcard and delighting us with these so rarely seen animals.
    Anda recently posted…The Weekly Postcard: The Hermit of Emerald BayMy Profile

    1. Anda you definitely should go on safari, it was a surreal experience. Thank you for hosting #TheWeeklyPostcard!

  3. We would so love to do this, would be a dream come true for all four of us! Hopefully sometime in the near future we will be able to, after we are done travelling Asia the next few years! Gorgeous pictures of the animals and the landscape. Thanks for linking up with #TheWeeklyPostcard 🙂

    1. Few years in Asia? Wow! I am loving this #The WeeklyPostcard!

  4. Katy says: Reply

    Amazing! I’d love to get so close to these majestic creatures. Let’s hope we can keep them safe for generations to come #TheWeeklyPostcard

    1. I completely agree! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  5. Shobha says: Reply

    beautiful photos! I’ve never been to the Serengeti but these photos make me want to go. We’ve been on safari in South Africa but I think the Serengeti is in a league of its own.

    1. It was a surreal experience! I want to go on many more safaris now, I’ve heard that South Africa is amazing too!

  6. swapna says: Reply

    I’m jealous! Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

    1. Thanks I’ll look into that:)

  7. Nikki says: Reply

    The Serengeti is such a mindblowing place with its vast plains – I don’t think anywhere else in the world made me realise just how small we are! Some incredible photos you captured there! Love the giraffe!
    Nikki recently posted…The Traveller vs Tourist Debate (And Why It’s a Load of Crap)My Profile

    1. Thanks Nikki:) Both of us are in love with Tanzania that is for sure!

  8. What a wonderful visual journey. You saw so many beautiful animals and it warms my heart to see them out in the wild, roaming free 🙂 Great photos
    Renne Simpson recently posted…Tourists: Stop with the Animal Selfies! Don’t Visit Places Like “Tiger Temple”My Profile

    1. Thank you! It was great to see them free and be in such a wild place. Roars to you!

  9. You have brought alive the beauty of Africa so well with your words and pictures. Thanks .

    1. Thank you for your kind words!

  10. Great photos. We loved the Serengeti!

    1. Thank you Heather! When did you go?

  11. It is our dream to visit the Serengiti one day, hopefully sometime in the near future after we are done travelling in Asia. Loved looking at the pictures 🙂
    samiya selim recently posted…Overland journey to India in 1970 – part 4My Profile

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. The Serengeti doesn’t disappoint! I look forward to following your trip in Asia.

  12. Moments in life when you get goosebumps: when you’re watching the Lion King with your kids and then the next thing you see when you jump on the computer is a photo series of the Serengeti. It’s the universe telling me something.
    Rob Taylor recently posted…National Parks Swag: making family travel memorableMy Profile

    1. We sang a Lion King song every day on safari! Can you feel the love tonight?:) I do think you need to go on a safari, it is like you are in the Lion King movie and National Geographic combined! The warthogs really do act like Pumba:)

  13. Reading your story and looking at your gorgeous photos brings me straight back into Africa! I lived in South-Africa as a teenager and it was the place where I fell in love with traveling and Africa! I can’t wait to be back there! Meantime, I’ll just stare a bit longer at your photos!
    Cynthia recently posted…Off with the Cretan winds – Episode 15!My Profile

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the photos brought back great memories! I have south Africa on my list- so many great parks there too.

  14. Gorgeous photos. I think there is nothing as special as seeing animals in the wild.
    Corinne recently posted…Claustrophobia Reigns Supreme in Cheops PyramidMy Profile

    1. Corinne thank you! I agree- I love animals especially wildcats:)

  15. Loved it there! Such riches of wildlife! Nicely captured!
    Ajay Sood recently posted…Zoom Burst PhotographyMy Profile

    1. Thank you! When did you go?

  16. Carlie says: Reply

    Wow! What an amazing experience. I feel like I’m right there with you! Your photos are terrific 🙂

    1. Thank you Carlie! It is amazing, I highly recommend it.

  17. Your pictures are stunning. I love the giraffe and lions best, plus that mongoose is just freaking adorable. I hope to go on an epic trip like this some time very soon. Keep on telling your stories through that camera lens, great stuff.
    melody pittman recently posted…Ways to Save Money When Traveling Through AmericaMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much Melody! I highly recommend going on safari, more blogs on the safari coming. You won’t be able to resist:)

  18. Debbie says: Reply

    What beautiful photos! We went on a Safari in South Africa and absolutely fell in LOVE. It is such an incredible experience; thank you for sharing yours!

    1. Thank you Debbie. I’ve heard great things about South Africa and would love to go. Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Emily says: Reply

    I can barely even handle these photos. The zebra one is probably my favorite (that light–swoon!) but I also love the little guy perched on top of the mound. And the tiny elephants! I’m going to stop looking now before I work myself into some kind of frenzy.

    1. Thank you Emily! It was really hard to narrow the photos down, I have a few more safari blogs in the works to not exclude any of the animals!

  20. Your photos are stunning! I would love to take my children on a Safari. I love the shot of the lion. I’m looking forward to seeing more.
    Jennifer St Louis recently posted…Things to do on the Beara Peninsula with KidsMy Profile

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I’m slowly making my way through over 3,000 photos from the trip. More blogs on the safari coming:)

  21. Love the appreciation this trip gave your for the “humanity” of the animals. What an amazing trip!

    1. Thank you Jamie! I knew I’d be impressed by the big 5 but all the animals were amazing!

  22. The photos are really amazing ! You were so lucky to see so much animals from so close, and catch some precious moments in their life.

    1. Thank you, it was great! I am missing my daily safari drives:)

  23. Ahhh this is SO SO high up on my bucket list and your AMAZING photos make me want to go even more! Such great details!

    1. Thank you! Sally you really need to go on safari, it is great!

  24. Nikki says: Reply

    I’ve commented before but I’ll comment again because this post is so awesome! LOVE Tanzania (sure everyone knows that by now right?!?)

    1. Thanks Nikki:) Yes, we both fell for Tanzania! It is an amazing country!

  25. I would love to go here, it looks so different from every other place I’ve visited. Great post and awesome pictures!

    1. Thank you Liesbeth! I’m sure you would love it, the wildlife is amazing!

  26. Taylor says: Reply

    WOW, you really got some amazing pictures. I love this and really must make my way over to somewhere that I can see animals!
    Taylor recently posted…Solo Travel is Not My First Choice…So Why Do I Feel Like It Should Be?My Profile

    1. Thank you Taylor! You would love it, so much beauty in Africa!

  27. Katie says: Reply

    This is so incredible! What amazing photos and an amazing experience. Hiking Kilimanjaro AND a safari,,, my dream trip! I keep reading about people going on safari’s and I get so jealous! Did you see that viral video of the cheetah jumping on the roof of the jeep while on a safari? Crazy!

    Great read, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Katie:) I highly recommend the trip to Tanzania, both experiences were amazing! I’d love if that had happened!:)

  28. It’s fantastic you got to have this experience! I’d love to go on a safari and have the opportunity to learn about animals in their natural environment. It was so interesting to learn about elephants and how they take the bones of deceased elephants to a specific place.
    Brooke of Passport Couture recently posted…Mother’s Day Around the WorldMy Profile

    1. Thanks Brooke! It was amazing being there and learning so much about all the animals. Glad you enjoyed it!

  29. Wow, you certainly had an active trip with lots of wildlife. Awesome that you got to see the cheetah, they can be tough to spot. Did you actually see the kill with the gazelle? We didn’t have the opportunity to see an actual kill, but hope to the next time. Thank you for linking up with #weekendwanderlust
    Amanda – EatWorkTravel recently posted…Hiking on Mars… Our day in Valle de la LunaMy Profile

    1. Thanks Amanda! Yes we saw the mom hunt down the gazelle and drag it back to her 3 babies- amazing! Such fast and powerful animals.

  30. Beautiful photos, Cathy! Who doesn’t love baby animals? I’d have been fawning over that baby elephant!

    1. Thank you:) The babies are super cute!

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