Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Trail to Peaks Roar Loud Moment
Roar Loud has become a motto for me to push past challenging times both physically and mentally.  I love inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone and roar with me.  I have been inspired by an amazing group of travel bloggers that I have gotten to know in the last year.  I asked bloggers I know and admire to share their Roar Loud moments.  Their answers inspire me to make 2016 even more adventurous!


Meg Jerrard of Mapping Megan 

Cycling “Death road” and coming out alive is my Roar Loud moment from this past year. A 69 km narrow one way road which snakes it’s way around the side of a very sheer cliff, this is known as the most dangerous road in the world, and those seeking adrenaline while visiting Bolivia jump on mountain bikes and hope to live to tell the tale.
Starting in the Andes snow capped mountains at 5,000m (16,000 feet), above sea level, we began to dress for the ride of a lifetime. Elbow pads followed knee guards, gloves went on after our windproof pants and jacket, and lastly, out trusty full-face helmet…which came in incredibly handy when I took a face-first dive off my mountain bike into the ground…at least it wasn’t over the cliff! Clouds flew by so fast we could practically touch them as we sped through deserted paths and our adrenaline pumped as we shot through hidden valleys and over stunning high passes. With the very real possibility of death, it is sheer adrenaline the whole way down!

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

I am most proud of taking a deep breath and agreeing to do a 5-day sailing course in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. I almost drowned as a toddler and fear of open water has plagued me on my travels. Though I wouldn’t say I conquered my fear, I definitely faced it and I would get on a sailboat again. The last 3 days of the course were just me and the other student alone for 2 nights in the Bay of Islands and trial by fire it was but I made it through! Despite the panic attacks, I am very glad I did it after so many years of shying away from sailing.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Deb Corbeil of The Planet D

My roar loud moment was when we took a whitewater kayaking course. I have a very real fear of water and having to run class 3 rapids in a kayak was daunting. It was a week long course and on the first day they asked us why we were there. I said, because I would like to conquer my fear of water once and for all. I was terrified to go upside down in my kayak and to be trapped under water, but by the end of the week, I had mastered the roll, ran class 2 and 3 rapids on my own and performed countless t-rescues. I conquered my fear and accomplished something I never thought I would ever try.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments


Nikki Godwin of Where is Noodles

My grandparents’ love of travel has always been such a big inspiration to me; and going to Tanzania (where they had lived for many years) was something I had always wanted to do. In 2013, they both sadly passed away and shortly after my relationship of six years and a half years had come to an end. At that time in my life, it therefore only felt right that I embarked on my own solo adventure in memory of them. So, without a second thought, I marched to a local travel agents and booked my flight to Tanzania! For someone who is generally a big scaredy cat, I think making that decision alone has probably been my biggest Roar Loud moment, as from then on I have been more determined than ever to put myself first and my dreams of seeing more of the world.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Mel Giroux of A Broken Backpack

It all started with a very good deal! A round trip for $250 to Japan seemed unbelievable. So, I booked it. I planned my itinerary very quickly and a month later, I was there.

I was there… All by myself. I got lost easily 6-7 times. I cried. I swore. I even tried to convince myself that I should have book a tour instead. And then, the Japanese magic happened; I had the pleasure to meet the kindest humans on Earth. I was so pleased when I hitch-hiked after my total fail at seeing Mount Fuji, when I chased the geishas in Kyoto and when I fed the snow monkeys.  My short trip in Japan is the most challenging trip I’ve ever done. But, I loved it anyway. I was a mess, Japan was just perfect.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Jessica Norah of Independent Travel Cats

I think that my Roar Loud moment this year was the decision to leave my job and start a new chapter in my life. This summer I not only left my career as a psychologist, but I also left my apartment, my belongings, my friends, and the United States. It has been a crazy ride since of traveling, getting married, and trying to figure out a lot of logistics! We are currently nomadic but hoping to settle back down again in the UK in the new year.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Drew Robinson of Trail to Peak

My Roar Loud moment of the year was successfully hiking the 225 mile
John Muir Trail in 11 days. This was a dream come true for me, and
quite possibly the Roar Loud moment of my life thus far.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Will Tang of Going Awesome Places

Without a doubt, my Roar Load Moment from 2015 has to be the completion of the Inca Trail in Peru.  I had no idea going into it that it would be as hard as it was.  Turns out I don’t do so well with high altitude.

I couldn’t have told you this while doing the trek but what made the trip even more memorable was the fact that there was struggle and pain.  In the end, it was mental toughness and camaraderie in our group that pulled us through.  The views of Machu Picchu certainly made it all worth it in the end.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

Chris Walker-Bush of Aussie on the Road

My Roar Loud moment came earlier this year during my week long, whirlwind return to China. As a guy who had been out of shape for a while, the prospect of tackling a lengthy stretch of the wilder portion of the Great Wall China was something that daunted me.
I’d been training a little in the lead up, but still found the hundreds of stairs and the many steep slopes to be a real challenge after six months of sitting in university classrooms and drinking in crowded student bars.

Standing atop the Great Wall and enjoying an ice cold beer (I still don’t know where my guide kept it for the entire hike) was one of the highlights of my year. Gazing out over this ancient wall and the stunning scenery around it was just a hugely pleasing moment for me.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments


Cathy Merrifield and Frank Parrott of RoarLoud

I’m sure most of you could guess that our RoarLoud moment of 2015 was hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The 7 day hike which included a summit push throughout the night was the most physically and emotionally challenging thing we had ever done.  Sunrise at the summit was an emotional accomplishment filled with tears of joy.  That day will forever give us the strength to know if we don’t give up anything is possible.

Bloggers Share Their Roar Loud Moments

A year ago we started the website RoarLoud and that was  a Roar Loud moment for us also.  Sharing personal stories of our adventures can be challenging.  Thank you for supporting us along the way – every share, like and comment means more than you know!  We hope to continue to encourage people to get out, adventure and Roar Loud!

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  1. These all sound amazing, but Drew’s John Muir trail makes me the most jealous. What an adventure!

    1. His photos are amazing, they lure you in!

  2. Wonderful post!! My goodness. It just makes you realize how huge and beautiful this world is, and there’s no good excuse to not explore and enjoy every corner of it. Such an inspirational post. Thank you. Geesh, let me book a flight somewhere soon!! Lol

    1. Chantale I felt the same way after putting this blog together!

  3. i ABSOLUTELY love all of your pictures! makes it so enjoyable to read!
    Stephanie recently posted…O.O.T.DMy Profile

    1. Thank you! I love the name of your blog:) Roars to you!

  4. Beautiful idea and awesome pictures! Loved it

    1. It is always a good idea to roar loud!:) Roars to you!

  5. This is SO inspiring… I love seeing how people surpass their fears and just go out there and do it! For me this year will be about attacking my enormous fear of hights. I’m planning to visit Peru and I’m scared of the hiking in the mountains already, but I’ll do it anyway!! 🙂 (well I’ll at least give it a try! 🙂 )

    1. Thank you! Are you going to Machu Picchu? In my top 3 list! The mountains are my second home, breathe in the fresh air and you will do great. All else fails- roar!:)

  6. Some good inspiration from Chris Walker-Bush 🙂
    Jesper, The Biveros Effect recently posted…Walking On the RoadMy Profile

    1. Chris is great! I loved how everyone had a unique story of facing a fear. I’m glad the anniversary blog was so special!

  7. Ah this was a great idea, very inspirational list thank you!

  8. Joe says: Reply

    Think I’m naturally biased toward yours and Nikki’s posts, as Tanzania is a place close to my heart for multiple reasons, but all have something inspiring – and I agree that Chris’ story is definitely a great one 🙂
    Joe recently posted…Connecting with KYGNMy Profile

  9. Lauren says: Reply

    So many awesome adventures! 🙂

  10. A great post. Very inspiring!
    Amanda Williams recently posted…Discover Iceland’s Golden CircleMy Profile

  11. Highly energetic article, I enjoyed that a lot. Will there
    be a part 2? recently posted…twitter.comMy Profile

  12. Japan for $250! What a deal. After a year of saving and years of dreaming, my Mother, daughter and I finally got to Japan this year. I have never fallen in love with a country I was visiting so fast; from the cherry blossom picnics in Kyoto to almost losing everyone while attempting the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo! There is just no way to see all you want in 2 weeks. We’re hoping to go back soon, although my friend Yumi, whom we stayed with in Nara suggested November was a good month, particularly if visiting Kyoto, as the Autumn leaves are amazing. I will continue to live vicariously through all of your great travel blogs until I can save up for my next big trip in 2019! Thanks for the inspiration everyone!

    1. I would love to visit Japan. So many trips on my wish list too. I hope you share your next adventure with us!

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